Breaking (All) the Rules

Uncategorized / Monday, March 5th, 2018

Rules, rules, rules. It seems like those annoying rules are all around us, and our everyday routine is almost based on particular standards. Never do this, do that instead of this, so on and so forth.

All rules have a purpose, and in general, it’s evident that regulations have been made to maintain the order in our lives, our jobs, relationships, and even the order in the whole world. But, let’s take a moment, to be honest to the bone and admit to ourselves that life is too short to have that kind of determinations in our minds all the time, so let’s feel free to break them sometimes, for a change.

Breaking The ‘Legs’ Rule

Some designers say that there are a couple of standard rules when it comes to placing and positioning the area rugs as decorations in our interiors. But, there’s no need to blindly follow all the rules because design, in general, is based on subjectivity and it is more than clear that all of us could never agree over one ‘imposed’ rule.

There are a couple of simplified versions of this rule about how rugs should cover the whole area of the room including all the furniture or how the front legs of the furniture should be placed on the carpet to achieve balance. But in the end, the most important thing is the final impression that the area has and makes in one’s eyes. So, there’s no need to reorganize the furniture from the whole room only to ‘play by the rules,’ and it’s not a mistake if you like to place a rug only under the coffee table. Just do it and enjoy the change.



Selecting Combinations

Designers say that the ‘mix and match’ rule doesn’t always go well in practice. But, if the editors of the most famous interior design magazines can make it, why would it be so hard for us – the ordinary people – to try it? For starters, you can try making ‘rug islands’ by creating a functional composition with the furniture and placing a couple of different rugs in one same room. It would be a nice experiment or a pretty good change.



No Rugs (At the Foot Of The Bed) Allowed 

When we’re talking about decorating the bedroom with rugs, the rule says that they need to be placed only under the whole bed area with the nightstands included. But, why there shouldn’t be rugs just next to the foot of the bed, or some area rugs only by the sides of the bed?

Let’s forget all the rules and try not just to think, but also to be practical for a moment. One will definitely have more benefit if the area rugs are placed only by the bedside. It is an obvious one. There’s no need of covering nearly the whole room with a rug. In that case, this ‘rug’ would technically become a carpet. So, if you’re not much into carpets, try this option and stick to the rugs. They’re way more comfortable for regular maintenance.



Rules are made to be broken. Maybe this quote is such a cliché, but we must admit that it is true – only when one’s breaking the rules to produce or design something creative.

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